Peter Stafford

Pre-sales support specialist.


About merlay Lounging delights

Merlay Lounging delights has    introduced, a Patented universal lounge chair cover designed to fit most lounge chairs on the market today, with or without a cushion. 

It will improve the look, and feel of your poolside areas. It offers a neat organized look that adds a whole new experience for your guest. Our mission is to be a one stop shop for all your towel accessory needs. We cater only to grow customer loyalty and build our brand awareness for its hotel     partners and individuals alike.

Professional Lounge Chair Covers

Benjamin Williams


Founder of company and designer of original utility patent. Primary focuses on resourcing materials and keeping manufacture relations.

Our story

Professional Lounge Chair Covers

Professional Lounge Chair Covers

 Shawn Demmerle

Has extensive background in  business law practices. Mr. Demmerle brings his expertise to execute the vision of the founder.

Andy Williams


Has been in the fashion industry for 25+ years.Work experiences include, Billabong USA, Hurley, Aqua VI and Co. founder of  Sport of Kings (SOK).

Professional Lounge Chair Covers
Professional Lounge Chair Covers
Professional Lounge Chair Covers
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"
-George Bernard Shaw

The very first memory of Merlay's dream was at Kapalua Bay, Maui. The main reason why Merlay Lounging Delights was created, was to provide a wind proof lounge chair cover. Lounge chair covers to me became to an obsession. The dream became an actual product prototype! The development stages was on Maui, Hawaii. I dedicate all of my hard work to Loren Williams my father, who unfortunately passed. He WAS a big inspiration for Merlay's endeavors. He helped me start the Utility Patent process, that was a hard fight, which it was finally granted. Since then I formed a team that wholeheartedly is committed to Merlay's visions on making a dream come to reality --With the same vision, we decided to pursue and take action to start-up what my father and I had envisioned.

Merlay's name origin is testimony to our creative process that we consider in everything we do; in this case, coming up with a new word!

I was awoken in deep sleep with the word Merlay Lounging Delights. What I came to find out was "Mer" In French means "Sea", and "Lay" (in English). If it we're to be switched around, it would mean..."Lay down by the sea"! Since we are in the cotton terry cloth industry Merlay's future focus is to provide a one-stop shop for quality bath products for all your personal needs...Mahalo