LOunge chair covers

One size fits most lounge chairs with or without a cushion.

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For any establishment that offers lodging accommodations with a swimming pool. Merlay Lounging Delights offers an innovative textile product that will benefit any business the uses traditional poolside towels. Our PATENTED lounge chair covers, are manufactured with  exceptional quality and durability, which in turn provides relaxing comfort. Merlay's lounge chair covers also provide ANY organized custom look from simple-plain, or with embroidery, with logos patches, even full design prints!

Also, Merlay Lounging Delights Lounge chair covers can:

  • Increase your potential by providing Logos and personalization for your own          advertisement!

  • Includes the potential of ADDITIONAL REVENUE for your business by providing the covers for retail sales!

We require a minimum order for bulk pricing. Our advantages for a minimum order is the ability to customize a certain size or look for a specific location.

(Hawaiian,Modern,Rustic,teak,Retro or Seasonal)



        Terms & Policies:

  • Minimum bulk orders of 300 units or more
  • Tax and shipping not included
  • 2 Payment options
  • 90 day lead time
Professional Lounge Chair Covers

Our Lounge Chair Covers

A wide array of woven and knitted styles of terrycloth to choose from. ANY solid color imaginable available to mix or match with the  tapping and "Your" logo. The fabric choices are Cotton, Microfiber, Polyester, European, or Egyptian cotton all ranging from 300 GSM to 510 GSM. Customizable pattern prints, embroideries, and button attachment for accessories for magazines, sunglasses, ect. are also available. Merlay Lounging Delights offers a product that produces a multitude of benefits to the lodging accommodation business and will leave a lasting impression with any facility that uses our lounge chair covers.

The advantages that are Our covers have over the issuance of traditional towels are:

  1. Protects life of equipment, chairs wear and tear of daily use from body oils and suntan lotion.
  2. One cover size fits most lounge chairs versus multitude towels used.
  3. Fits with or without a cushion.
  4. Unmatched comfort.
  5. Organizes the towel, offers a neat appearance.
  6. A reduction in laundry cost.
  7. Provides a personal individual barrier, from the user to the chair surface.
  8. Underneath, the covers provide surface blocking uprising wind, splashes, debris and even insects.
  9. Easy application and a one time fitting that stays put; no material will be riding up or slipping down, even in the windiest of days.
  10. Easy release and go, with a nifty built in, inward folding pouch for easy carry.

As one might see, by the aforementioned points above, there are a multitude of advantages to buy out products and doing business with Merlay Lounging Delights. 


Professional Lounge Chair Covers

"It's a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life"

-Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage
Professional Lounge Chair Covers
Professional Lounge Chair Covers
Professional Lounge Chair Covers

100% COTTON (Heavy Weight)

lounge chair covers

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Microfiber/Polyester (Medium Weight